Granada welcomes the delivery of the ONCE Andalucía Solidarity Awards

Feb 1, 2019 | News

The event began with the words of the Consejera of Equality and Social Policies, María José Sánchez Rubio, and the interventions were closed by the mayor, Francisco Cuenca. Both highlighted the magnificent work of the ONCE that has already completed its eighty years of life and its sensitivity to give real attention to a very large group.

The Director General of Disability of the Junta de Andalucía, Gonzalo Rivas, and the General Director of Equity, María Isabel González, attended. And there was also the spokesman of the Andalusian Government, Juan Carlos Blanco, who was commissioned -by surprise- to present another of the winners, Valentín García -and Sandoval on behalf of his mother, who is from Granada-, for his campaign #yomecuro, and that touched with his words the attendees, among which were Pilar Vergara and Carmen Beamonte, Strategy and Antennas and Information Directors of Canal Sur Radio, as well as Aurelio Cappa, head of the territorial center of Granada. And the mother of the winner, Cristina Sandoval, and his girlfriend, Cristina Cornejo, and had words for the rest of the family and friends.Another means of communication, the SER, was also distinguished by its ‘Espacio de Encuentro’ program, with ten seasons of travel, directed by Miguel Ángel Doña, who was accompanied by Pepe Belmonte and Max Adams (I think I heard it well) and who remembered another collaborator, Pilar Kraan.

In the room, the Government delegate in Granada, Sandra García; the also delegates, Higinio Almagro and Germán González; the president of the Diputación, José Entrena, and the deputy Olvido de la Rosa; the coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Youth, Leticia de la Torre; the parliamentarian Francisco Javier Aragón; in addition to the spokesman for Citizens in Andalusia, Juan Marín, who attended the parliamentary José Antonio Funes; the provincial deputy Raul Fernandez and the councilmen Manuel Olivares, María del Mar Sánchez and Lorena Rodríguez. Also they were the councilor of Culture, Maria de Leyva, and on the part of the PP, Inma Puche and Raquel Fernandez. Someone will stay out, sure, because the response to the meeting was majority. They were the president of Fegradi, Marta Castillo; the head of the UGT, Juan Francisco Martín; the director of IDEAL, Eduardo Peralta; Manuel Molinero, of ACIME and the director of the Cadena Ser in Granada, Adolfo Machado, and Francisco Anguita.

The gala was presented by Laura Ferrer and Pati Bonet, who chatted with Isabel Viruet and Patricia Sanz, president and second vice president of the ONCE in Andalusia, happy, I imagine, of the development of the day -good team work- like Cristóbal Martínez , territorial delegate in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla; the zone delegate in Granada, Alberto Morillas, and the territorial councilor, Rosario Mercedes López.

More awards were given by Navarro Pasarela, run by Rosalía Navarro, accompanied by her parents José and Rosalía and her husband, Francisco Aguilera, promoter of the ‘Micropasarela Solidaria’ project, which organizes a parade in which the boys and girls -his daughter Rosalía gave him the idea- “mini models of exception” have some kind of disability. By the way, Rosalía wore an original skirt designed for the moment with the ONCE logo.In the category of Institution, Organization, Social Entity and NGOs, this year the Fundación Márgenes y Vínculos was distinguished for its dedicated work in fostering minors in the provinces of Cádiz and Sevilla, facilitating that those who need it can grow in an environment family care and affection.Its president, Francisco Javier Mena, thanked the distinction. A nice party to brighten up a day that, unfortunately, could not be completely happy. And a tribute, that I do not forget, to the sellers and sellers of the ONCE coupon.

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