Education for Development and Integration


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Cádiz, Granada, Málaga and Ceuta

The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation promotes the values of an open and plural society in the face of the vagaries of daily events.

We understand that peaceful coexistence involves mutual knowledge, respect and the promotion of neighborly relations and mutual aid between people from different places, nationalities and cultures.

We contribute to a formed, critical and committed citizenship in the face of stereotypes, fears and false beliefs. This is our way of contributing to a more adequate way of understanding our immediate environment and the world around us of which we are a part.


Programs and projects


Childhood and family

    • Comprehensive program for the promotion of coexistence A neighborhood of all
    • Promotion of equal treatment and non-discrimination “Educulturas”
    • Promotion of the participation of immigrant women in areas of social life with support for upbringing Immigrant women in equality
    • Improvement of the formative offer for the integration of immigrants “Forma-Accion”
    • Immigrant women as agents of social change in health “Aurora”
    • Educate in more diversity
    • Promotion of cultural diversity “Málaga is diverse”
    • Promoting the employability of immigrant women “Entre todos Granada”
    • “Your consumption matters”
    • Glocal Think III cultural program Campo de Gibraltar is diverse