Foster Care


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Cádiz and Sevilla

The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation is still committed to fostering an alternative family and extended family. Our goal is that every time there are more children who, being in distress, can grow and educate themselves in a family environment where they feel protected, cared for and loved. To do this, it is necessary to support families and ensure comprehensive care for children in care.

Programs y Projects


  • Public service management for the development of actions in family foster care programs for minors with an extended family
  • Foster Care
  • Promotion and support for foster care for children: family acquisition and psychotherapeutic care.
  • Promotion of positive family relationships through the prevention and management of conflict in the context of visits
  • Programs that promote respite services, such as day, night, free-time, weekend, holiday periods, postoperative rest periods, and other analogous transient services