Road to Barnahus

Barnahus Pilot Programme adapted to the Organic Law for the Protection of Children against Violence

About the programme

It is a training, awareness-raising programme for professionals and comprehensive assistance for children victims of violence. Fundación Márgenes y Vínculos has extensive experience in the development of care programmes for children victims of sexual violence coordinated with the judicial system and other resources, which seek to minimise secondary victimisation.

Who is the target group?

Organisations and professionals working in the field of childhood, or who intervene in their legal-assistance processes.Children who may have been victims of sexual violence and do not have a specialised resource in their region.Families who request counselling/guidance.

What is the goal?

Our main objective is to improve the legal-assistance processes that children victims go through, and to promote progress towards the implementation of the Barnahus model, adapted to the Organic Law for the Protection of Children from Violence.

Where does it take place?

In seven regions (Andalusia, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Valencian Community, Extremadura, Galicia and Region of Murcia, charged to the 0.7% tax allocation of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.

What is it about?

Awareness-raising and prevention activities against secondary victimisation::– Coordination to increase the comprehensive response to child and adolescent victims of sexual violence.– Advice for administrations to move towards the Barnahus model.– Collaboration and advice on the development of pre-constituted evidence adapted to the needs and rights of children and adolescents.Specialised assistance: In those autonomous communities where there is no specialised public resource we offer:– Psychological assistance to child and adolescent victims of sexual violence and their families.– Accompaniment and counselling in the judicial process.Training of professionals: The programme offers training to improve the training of professionals involved in legal assistance processes with children and adolescents at two levels:– Professionals in the field of childhood and adolescence: Training for better detection, first guidelines for action and prevention of secondary victimisation.-Professionals involved in legal-assistance processes: Training sessions on child victimology, the forensic interview, the Barnahus model and pre-constituted evidence under a model of good practice and specialised therapeutic intervention.Children victims of sexual violence have the right to an adapted procedure in which care and judicial resources work in a coordinated manner.Direct statements with children and adolescents should be agile, specialised and carried out by as few professionals as possible.The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation aims to achieve the Barnahus model, conceived as a form of coordinated and specialised work from a single child- and adolescent-friendly space, respectful of victims and offering a positive response to judicial processes.

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