Quality and Transparency



Study of several models and standards for implementation in NGOs. Year 2000

The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation since before its constitution as such (before the Andalusian Association for Fostering – Links), the study and positioning in the world of Quality for social organizations has already been proposed as a strategic horizon. In an area barely worked within non-governmental organizations, he studied, researched and experimented with new forms of organization and improvement of service.

Co-founders along with 6 other NGOs at the national level of the working group for the creation of the Standard “NGO with Quality”. 2001

Together with the Red Cross, Feaps, Progressive Women’s Federation, Fundación Secretariado General Gitano, Intress and Fundación Pioneros, the need for a Standard for NGOs is established.

Collaboration for the development of the “NGO with Quality” standard. 2003

The fundamental reason for developing and creating a Quality Management Standard for the operation of Non-Governmental Social Services Organizations, lies in the aim to achieve a reference that contributes significantly to the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness and, in consequence, to the approximation to the excellence of these at the time of fulfilling its aims.

Infanta Cristina Award Imserso.

They reward individuals or legal entities, public or private, who have distinguished themselves by their solidarity work in favor of the population sectors for which the IMSERSO works, in the fields of communication, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and accessibility, social action of the company, research, development and innovation of new technologies and technical aids, and the quality of social services.

Pilot test of the “NGO with Quality” standard. 2004-2005

After creating the NGO standard with Quality, this was implemented for several years on an experimental basis, not without stopping working on other standards and models, which we consider valid as tools for continuous improvement.

Research and Evaluation of other models aimed at Total Quality. 2006

We strongly believe in the mixture of several models produces synergy in quality. Therefore we can consider that they are not incompatible if not the opposite. This interest in quality leads us to participate in initiatives such as ROCC (NGO Network with Quality) or the TQM project of the Luís Vives Foundation.

Adaptation to EFQM European Excellence model. 2006-2007

This model is the European Excellence, internationally recognized and managed in Spain by the Club of Excellence in Management. This is based on scoring a series of criteria of the organization that serve to determine later areas of improvement must be carried out.

Project: Training and implementation of a Quality Management System to improve service to users in residential and service centers. CAIXA Foundation.

Training for voluntary and remunerated personnel in terms of quality. Implementation of a Quality Management System aimed at NGOs in all the Service and Residential Centers of the Institution.


The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation is a non-governmental organization specializing in awareness, social intervention, knowledge and research, as well as in the prevention and support of those who are subject to
different forms of violence; that promotes projects of social support to the most disadvantaged people and / or at
risk of exclusion.


Be a reference of social organization responsible and involved with human development and the defense of vulnerable and unprotected people, in whose specialized and quality care prevails, at all times, absolute respect for their identity, capabilities and rights.




We annually audit our accounts by an external auditor and these are presented to the corresponding Protectorate. The Accountability is accompanied by a Report of activities, as well as a Plan of action with the forecast of activity and budget for the following year.The Margins and Links Foundation gives account to the funders of the use of the funds received through technical and economic reports or on-site controls that are established during or after the completion of the projects. The manuals elaborated by the funders are strictly followed to make visible and publicize the origin of the funds.Internally, a Quality Plan and continuous improvement in management is applied, which implies an adaptation to existing Spanish and European regulations on topics such as data protection, specific regulations related to the attention to our users and the need to collect their complaints, evaluations and opinions about the attention received.Our mission, vision and values ​​are visibly displayed in the different headquarters of the Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation, making reference every year in our Institutional Memory. Also the mission, vision and values ​​are collected in those forms that request it and in those institutional reports that are prepared.The activity of our foundation is made public through press conferences, press releases and the website where you can access the memory of the last annuity. The institutional report lists the projects that are carried out by area, and the funders and collaborators of these projects are duly mentioned. In said report, reference is made to the number of users per sector.


The Márgenes y Vínculos Foundation’ Staff will act with objectivity in the service of the general interest with full submission to the Constitution, to the Statutes of Autonomy that affect them for the service where they perform their work and the Law.

Lack of Discrimination

The Staff of this institution shall guarantee respect for the principle of equal treatment and, in particular, shall avoid any type of discrimination on grounds of nationality, age, sex, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, as well as any other condition or personal or social circumstance.


The Staff of the organization shall keep absolute reserve in relation to the facts and information of which they have knowledge in the exercise of their functions.

Impartiality and independence

The Staff of this institution will be impartial and independent in the exercise of their functions. In these tasks, the personnel will not be guided by external influences of any kind, nor by personal interests. The staff will refrain from participating in the processing of a procedure or in the adoption of a decision on a matter that affects their own interests or those of their relatives.